Welcome to the Uboachan Dream World MUD, running Dennis MUD.
This is experimental software. If something goes wrong, try refreshing the page.

Telnet service now available on port 37378!

In this game, you use in-game commands to create the content. All content is user-created.

To get started, type "register username password", substituting the username and password you want to use.
Then type "login username password" with the username and password you chose to log in.

Important commands for the casual player include "look", "go", "say", "action", "chat", and "use".
Read the help pages for the other commands listed by "help" to get started making content.

Using the "help" command by itself will list command categories.
Using "help" on a category will list the commands in that category.
For example, "help exploration" will list commands related to exploration.
You can also use help on a particular command to see a manual entry for that command.
For example, "help make item" will show the manual entry for the "make item" command.

Have fun!

Don't worry, this is running the same world as the previous public testing site.

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